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The Euro-Asian Center for Policy Studies and Management (ERUSMA) is a non-profit center for political studies which was founded in Rome, Italy in 2005. ERUSMA has its regional office in Manila, Philippines. This organization was conceived by a group of institutions and experts of politics from Asia and Europe, in order to combine Euro-Asiatic knowledge, resources and experiences with the aim of dealing with existing and emerging socio-economic issue. The main objectives of the Center are: increase the assistance to the developing world – the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) campaign and the renewed resolutions of OECD and G8 countries have raised the attention toward development cooperation, especially in Africa; a stronger partnership between public and private sector is fundamental, in fact, the private sector is becoming central to the achievement of advocacy policies, which promote growth and help developing countries to compete at global level, in order to rise up against poverty and provide better services, health and better living conditions.

Erusma Activities


This section is dedicated to our research activities regarding alternative policy and programme options to mitigate poverty, incidence and risks of marginalization of community, regions and country in the context of globalisation with focus on enhancing private sector participation and more...

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ERUSMA is dedicated to promote rural health, particularly maternal health, prenatal, postnatal care and prevention of child injuries...

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Erusma development projects

This section is dedicated to the development projects in which Erusma is engaged...

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Erusma is dedicated to promoting sports in the rural areas as sport and physical education occupy an important role in human development. It has contributed to establish a sport center for the poor rural children in Bangladesh...



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The President Erusma
Euro-Asian Center for Policy Studies and Management
Via Alcidamante di Elea, 34
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Regional representative for Asia
Erusma Euro-Asian Center for Policy Studies and Management
3/F School of Economics Building University of the Philippines Diliman,
Quezon City 1101, Philippines
Tel. No.: 927-9686 local 332 TeleFax: (63-2) 926-4615

Country office
Erusma -Bangladesh House no: 8
Road no: 90 Gulshan 2 Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Tel: +880(02)881 3802

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